Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kalamazoo Debriefing

Participants at the special MAM session dedicated to Harriet Hudson (Kalamazoo, 2012)

Now that the 2013 International Congress on Medieval Studies has come and gone, it is time to get back to the medieval "routine."  One remnant (in many of our bags) is the accumulation of calls for papers, handouts from various societies, projects, publishers, dealer/publisher catalogs, and other interesting tidbits left on tables for ICMS participants to gather.  The next couple NuntiaBlog posts will review a few of these "handouts."  This week is dedicated to Calls for Papers. 

First, a quick round of congratulations to the newly elected MAM officers:
  • Erin Mann
  • Aubri McVey Leung
  • David Sprunger
We are delighted to have your support and participation in the activities of the Medieval Association of the Midwest.  The list of MAM officers on the society's website ( will be updated soon.

"I hate days like this ..."

Calls for Papers:

The 28th annual Conference of the Medieval Association of the Midwest (Knowing in the Middle Ages) will take place September 27-29, 2012, at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio.  More details will soon be posted on the MAM website ( and some have appeared already in the last issue of Nuntia (also on the website). The deadline for paper proposals is July 1, 2012; questions and submissions may be directed to Dr. Stephen Yandell at:


Call For Papers: Innovative Approaches to Teaching Chaucer
Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching
Special Issue

Co-Editors: Alison Ganze Langdon and David Sprunger
Essays are sought for a special issue of Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching on innovative approaches to teaching Chaucer.  Topics may include specific assignments or units as well as courses.

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching (SMART) is a journal of essays designed to assist teachers in communicating an understanding of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Since we believe that excellent research and inspired teaching are dual aspects of a revived medieval/ Renaissance curriculum, SMART essays are scholarly and pedagogical, informative and practical. Authors are held to high standards of accuracy, currency, and relevance to the field of medieval studies. All papers are judged by at least two peer reviewers.

To ensure interdisciplinary consistency for SMART, contributors should double-space manuscripts and format them according to the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. Papers should be submitted blind, without the author's name appearing and without embedded comments from other reviewers. Papers vary greatly in length but typically are at least seven double-spaced pages, or about 2,500 words. Images in JPEG or TIF format are acceptable. Discursive notes should be held to a minimum to facilitate an easily readable text. The concept of intellectual rigor requires that information of the type often relegated to notes be integrated with the main discussion, while the practical needs of teachers require that information about texts and sources appropriate to students at all levels be included in the text or works cited. In balancing the need for documentation with that for practicality, we urge your cooperation and assistance.

Submissions should be submitted electronically by e-mail to Alison Langdon at the following address:  Selected essays will be forwarded to the managing editor of SMART for assignment to blind peer review.  Deadline for submission is September 1, 2012.


The Texas Medieval Association will meet at the University of Houston, Oct. 12-13, 2012.  Keynote speakers include Dr. Timothy Bolton and Dr. Dolores Jorgensen.  More details can be found at:

The next ACMRS Conference (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies) will be on   “Beasts, Humans, and Transhumans in the Middle Ages and Renaissance” and will be held on February 14-16, 2013, in Tempe, Arizona.  The deadline for submissions is October 2012.  More information on their website at:; or for the direct link to the conference page:

The Call for Papers for the 2013 International Medieval Congress (Leeds) has already been posted:  Paper proposals are due by August 31, 2012.  The special thematic strand for the conference is "Pleasure."


Also coming up soon is the first annual Symposium on Medieval & Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University (June 17-19, 2013).  A call for papers will be announced in August 2012.  Watch NuntiaBlog for further updates as they are available.

The International Society for the Study of Medievalism ( will hold its 2012 conference at Kent State University Stark on October 18-20, 2012.  The conference website is at:  The conference announcement includes a student essay contest.  See the conference website for details.

Confraternities and Urban Performance in the Late Medieval and Early Modern World

Sessions at the Renaissance Society of America meetings in San Diego, California
4-6 April 2013
The performances staged by confraternities in the streets and squares of medieval and early modern cities have been the focus of considerable scholarly attention in recent years. The Society for
Confraternity Studies seeks to further this conversation by soliciting submissions for a series of panels that examine the relationship between corporate devotion and urban theatre. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, devotional theatre, sacre rappresentazioni, execution rites, miracle plays, charitable performances, alms collections, relic translations, funeral ceremonies. Submissions are especially welcome from scholars using innovative methodologies to frame and characterize the role of confraternal performance, broadly conceived, in popular devotion.
Submissions from all geographical areas and through the time period of 1350-1750 are welcome.
Please email a brief abstract (maximum 250 words) and a CV to Diana Presciutti ( The submission deadline is 1 June 2012.
The session is sponsored by the Society for Confraternity Studies.
For further information on the RSA meetings in San Diego, CA, see:


The  London Palaeography Summer School will be offering a German Palaeography class on Friday 22 June 2012, from 10.00-17.00. This is a reading class. Its aim is to familiarize students with a number of different handwritings. A variety of texts (in photocopies) will be examined and read: private correspondence, official correspondence of German courts and the Habsburg monarchy, petitions by individuals, replies by authorities, appeals, etc., from the 17th to the 20th centuries. The course will be flexible in as much as it will be possible to present documents from different centuries and handwriting styles in order to suit the needs of the participants.
Please visit the London Palaeography Summer School web pages ( for further information and application forms.
London Palaeography Summer School
Institute of English Studies, University of London

The next NuntiaBlog post will include some information on medieval studies associations and other resources that passed out literature at Kalamazoo.  Until then, peace to all.

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