Thursday, October 11, 2012

MAM in Cincinnati - A Photo Report

Starting at the end: At the final session at the 2012 MAM conference in Cincinnati, we got to see the
Lord of the Rings as we've never seen it before (unless your name is Steve Yandell).

If you made it to Cincinnati in September 2012, perhaps these will prompt memories of your time there. If not, see what MAM was up to at Xavier University! We had a great set of papers and presentations, a surprise viewing of the Saint John's Bible, wonderful student musicians, and lots of great conversation. We even had time to conduct a little business along the way.  Here is a gallery of photos from our time in Cincinnati and at Xavier:

Note: You can click on any photograph to see it enlarged.

Welcome to Cincinnati, where the deer (but not the buffalo) roam in the park around the city's art museum.

Islamic art in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Ceiling of the Damascus room in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Wood carving of the Virgin Mary in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Medieval altar in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

From the opening discussion of movies and the Middle Ages on Thursday evening.

Steve Yandell at the plenary lecture on Friday.

Dr. Robert Fulk at the plenary lecture on Friday.

Checking out a nice facsimile of the Saint John's Bible.

Musical entertainment - very well done!

Don't stop organizing until the conference is over!

Well-deserved round of applause for our host, Steve Yandell.

Time to visit.

More visiting.

(Imagined conversation:) "So, it's like this ..."

(Continuation of imagined conversation:) "No, really that's how it works ..."

Catching up on what medievalists do.

Did someone mention that a movie of The Hobbit is going to open soon?

The Lord of the Rings is a long story.

A really long story.

Long, and complicated.

Long, but a lot of fun!

(Imagined comment:) "So, I just did this for fun ..."

Ah, the enthusiasm of youth -- when you could make a scroll like this.

A captivated audience.

One section of the scroll.

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