Thursday, May 23, 2013

Update on "Playing with Food"

A MAM member submitted this note on the Kalamazoo Conference:

The cosponsored session (MAM/Mens et Mensa) Playing with Food went extremely well.

30ish participants showed up (and more as we were cleaning up afterwards). People had the opportunity to learn about how experiental design and medieval studies could coexist as well as seeing (and tasting) firsthand the results of the scholarship from Samantha and her students.

Her paper provided an excellent overview of the experience design process and experiential learning. The students’ demonstrations, besides their intrinsic interest, served as useful examples of the kinds of projects that might be produced through an experiential learning component in a course. The students were poised and well able to explain the process of food preparation as well as the research that went into them learning this.

There was a lot of energetic dialogue and participation both during and after the session.

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