Saturday, September 28, 2013

MAM in Terre Haute 2013 - Day 2 (and the evening before)

Stables Restaurant - site of Friday evening's banquet.

 Some more views of activities and discussions, conversations, and general fun for the Medieval Association of the Midwest at our 2013 meeting in Terre Haute (please click on pictures to enlarge them).

If anyone (and I mean anyone) who attended the conference would like copies of a picture please let me know!

Almost there ...

No, it was half-full when we started, or was that half-empty?


Waiting for a Saturday session to start.


Before the second plenary.


Second plenary lecture, by John Block Friedman.

Listening to the discussion after the plenary.

Must have been a good plenary lecture--they're smiling!

Before one of the Saturday afternoon sessions.

More introductions.

Discussion at the end of a session.

Two who are ready to head home to Kentucky at the end of a great conference.

One more round of thanks to Harriet Hudson, her staff of millions (there must be at least that many) and to the Department of English at Indiana State University!

Peace, and safe travels to all!

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