Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stories of interest?

The Tabula Peutingera (road map) of the ancient Roman empire  reproduced in the 1682 edition of the
works of Marcus Welser (1558-1614)--Saint John's Rare Books Collection.

Some stories of potential interest to MAM members from American Libraries Direct:

Where are the scriptoria?
Erik Kwakkel writes: “Many scribes in medieval art are depicted as individual copyists rather than scribes working in groups. Even when multiple scribes are presented in each other’s vicinity, such as the four evangelists in the Aachen Gospels of ca. 820 (right), we are still looking at multiple individual scribes. After all, they have their backs turned to each other and are separated by rock formations. Where are the scriptoria?”...
medievalfragments, Nov. 5

Iraqi Jewish documents go on display
Hilary Parkinson writes: “In June 2003, the National Archives Preservation Programs received a call for help from Iraq. Sixteen American soldiers had found tens of thousands of documents and 2,700 Jewish books while searching in the flooded basement of Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters. The historic material was soaking wet. And so Doris Hamburg and Mary-Lynn Ritzenthaler boarded a C-130 cargo plane and flew to Iraq.”...
Prologue: Pieces of History, Nov. 7

The Oxford University Press and the making of a book
To celebrate the publication of the first three volumes of The History of Oxford University Press on November 14 and University Press Week, Oxford University Press is sharing various materials from its archive, including a silent film (17:52) made in 1925 by the Federation of British Industry. The Oxford University Press and the Making of a Book highlighted the press’s work to audiences around the world. It also provides great insight into each step of the printing process....
OUPblog, Nov. 11; YouTube, Oct. 27

10 oldest surviving documents of their type
Alan Boyle writes: “Documents have literally changed the world, and some of them have survived for hundreds or even thousands of years. Every type of document provides a unique window into our shared heritage as human beings in ways that are both surprising and fascinating.” This list includes examples of what are probably the oldest surviving international treaty, medical document (above), poem, correspondence, printed book with a date, and set of laws....
Listverse, Nov. 10

University librarian resigns over Folio scandal
The Senate House Library at the University of London scrapped plans to sell a set of four Shakespeare Folios at auction after leading academics attacked the proposal as “an act of stupidity” and warned it could damage the university’s reputation. Senate House Library Director Christopher Pressler (right) announced he is resigning for “personal reasons,” weeks after he admitted breaching financial rules by not disclosing his relationship with an employee at Bonhams, appointed to oversee the sale....
The Telegraph (UK), Oct. 1

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