Sunday, December 1, 2013

Beowulf: A Verse Translation for Students (Ed Risden)

[The following announcement came in from Witan Publishing--the editor is merely forwarding this information to the MAM membership:]

"Beowulf: A Verse Translation for Students offers the famed Anglo-Saxon epic in Modern English. Noted Beowulf scholar Edward. L. Risden has crafted a translation that is accessible even to students with no previous familiarity with medieval literature, preserving the beauty of the original verse without sacrificing accuracy. Risden’s translation presents the tale of the warrior Beowulf and his lifetime of intrigue, heroic deeds, and battles with monsters, and his ultimate confrontation with a dragon. Risden’s Beowulf is the exciting yarn of adventure that should electrify the imagination of every student."

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"I think I see it ..."
(Ed Risden and Bill Hodapp at the MAM conference in Terre Haute, IN, in Sept. 2013)


  1. I've used this translation and I've taught it very successfully in classes for English majors. Highly recommended: elegantly stern and gaudily unpretentious.

    Nick Haydock
    Professor of English
    University of Puerto Rico, RUM