Thursday, December 5, 2013

CfP: Crisis and Catastrophe in the Medieval and Early Modern German-Speaking Lands

Crisis and Catastrophe in the Medieval and Early Modern German-Speaking Lands

For the next German Studies Association meeting in Kansas City, Missouri from 18-21 September 2014, I would like to organize a series of panels clustered around topics that address the events, experience, impact, and memory of catastrophes and crises. These could be natural disasters, including but not limited to fires, plagues, famines, floods, volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, hailstorms, and vermin plagues. In order to prevent the panels from losing thematic focus, human-made crises, such as wars, pogroms, or forced expulsions, are excluded, although investigations of human-caused environmental disasters would be welcome. Although such crises and catastrophes are not limited to medieval and early modern times, of course, there has been a great deal of historical interest in them for these periods. Papers might consider the actual course of these events and/or their impact on societies, culture, politics, religion, the environment, literature, and art. In addition, modernists may wish to take up the subject of how such events have been remembered and memorialized. This list of possible topics is not, however, exhaustive and I welcome other ideas and interventions from scholars in any field. If you are interested in proposing a single paper or a whole panel, please contact me as soon as possible with a short description of a paper or panel at

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