Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Call for Speakers: Renaissance Print Culture at the Newberry Library (deadline May 15, 2014)

Renaissance Print Culture: An Aldine Quincentennial Symposium
Call for Speakers
Deadline for proposals: May 15, 2014

February 2015 will see the 500th anniversary of the death of Aldus Manutius, arguably the greatest printer of his age, and certainly the one whose name is best known. The Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies will mark the occasion with a day-long public symposium on Saturday, February 7 (see http://www.newberry.org/02072015-renaissance-print-culture).

The symposium aims to bring the fruits of recent printing-history research to a broad Chicago public. Brian Richardson of the University of Leeds will deliver a keynote address on Venetian culture and printing, for which he has announced a working title, "Venetian Printing in the Early Cinquecento and the Impact of Aldus Manutius."

We invite proposals for 20-minute talks on topics related to the history and culture of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century European printing, from faculty members and postdoctoral scholars affiliated with Center for Renaissance Studies consortium institutions. Ideally these would present research in progress and be presented in terms understandable to a well-educated general public.

If you have such a talk to offer, please send a one-page abstract and a two-page CV as email attachments, by May 15, to:

Karen Christianson
Associate Director
Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies


Consortium scholars may be eligible to apply for travel funds to participate in this program. Each member university sets its own policies and deadlines; contact your Representative Council member in advance for details and authorization (http://www.newberry.org/center-renaissance-studies-consortium-members).

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