Monday, July 21, 2014

Bibliographical Society of America (BSA)

Each year, the Bibliographical Society of America (BSA) invites three scholars in the early stages of their careers to present twenty-minute papers on their current, unpublished research in the field of bibliography as members of a panel at the BSA's Annual Meeting, which takes place in New York City in late January. The New Scholars Program seeks to promote the work of scholars who are new to the field of bibliography, broadly defined.

Those selected for the panel receive $600 toward the cost of attending the Annual Meeting and a complimentary one-year membership in the BSA.

For more about the New Scholars Program and application procedures, see:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7th St Andrews Annual Book Conference

Buying and Selling
7th St Andrews Annual Book Conference

18-20 June 2015

Call for Papers

In 1472 the printers Sweynheym and Pannartz wrote a petition to Pope Sixtus VI: left with over 10,000 unsold printed books, they were now forced to ask for financial help or face utter failure. The advent of print changed the dynamics of supply and demand altogether. Some printers boomed while others quickly went bust. Pioneering merchants negotiated the book trade’s position within traditional labour market structures. Early printing entrepreneurial successes depended on the ability of printers and publishers to mould an author’s creation into a sellable article consumed by a wide community of readers.

This conference invites contributions on any facet of buying and selling in the early modern book trade: failures and successes of print ventures; strategies and ideas to increase the sales; rebinding, reprinting, reediting; cooperation and competition amongst booksellers; the day-to-day life of printing firms and bookshops; fairs and permanent markets; catalogues advertising stock and individual libraries being auctioned; taste and trends in the purchase of books; influence of censorship and regulations.

Co-organised by Shanti Graheli and Jan Alessandrini, the conference will take place 18-20 June 2015.

The papers given at this conference will form the basis of a volume in the Library of the Written Word.

The call for papers is now open and is available online on the USTC website at:

Those interested in giving a paper should contact Dr Jan Alessandrini ( at St Andrews, offering a brief description of their likely contribution.

The call for papers will close on 30 November 2014.