Friday, February 27, 2015

A reminder from our friend, Jonathan Wilcox: An NEH Summer Seminar at the University of Iowa!

NOTE: Deadline for application is March 4, 2015!!!

Dear Colleagues,

Would you be so kind as to share information about an NEH Summer Seminar for College and University teachers, The Materiality of Medieval Manuscripts: Interpretation through Production, that I will be hosting at the University of Iowa, June 15-July 10, 2015?   The seminar will take advantage of resources and specialists at the University of Iowa Center for the Book to give medieval scholars the chance to engage hands on with the skills of parchment preparation, manuscript lay-out, quill cutting, writing a page, and binding a manuscript.  Alongside such hands-on skills, the seminar will theorize and explore the significance of the material manuscript in the current digital age, drawing common readings from recent investigations of digital culture, work on materiality, and exemplary manuscript studies.  Seminar participants will also pursue their own projects.  For full details, see the seminar website,

NEH summer seminars are designed primarily for teachers of American undergraduate students, and eligibility is restricted to US citizens or residents, as explained on the seminar website.  A small number of spaces are reserved for current full-time graduate students in the humanities.  I encourage application from scholars engaged in any of the broad spectrum of medieval studies.  Deadline for applications is March 2, 2015.  Full details about eligibility and how to apply are available on the seminar website,

With thanks for sharing this information with all who might be interested.

Correction in an early 14th-century New Testament manuscript.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

MAM Sessions at the 2015 ICMS (International Congress on Medieval Studies)

MAM officers at the 2010 Kalamazoo Conference

Below is a list of the MAM-sponsored sessions at the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies (aka "Kalamazoo") for 2015. If you wish to see the entire program, it is available on the Medieval Institute website at:

Additional information on the Congress is on the Medieval Institute website:

MAM at Kalamazoo 2015

May 14

Bernhard Faculty Lounge
Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM)
Executive Council Meeting

May 14

Session 132
Bernhard 205
Animal Languages
Sponsor: Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM)
Organizer: Alison Langdon, Western Kentucky Univ.
Presider: Peter Goodrich, Northern Michigan Univ.

“Si li fist grant joie comme beste mue”: Embodied Emotion as Animal Language in Le Chevalier au lion
Monica Antoinette Ehrlich, Univ. of Virginia
“As Faucon Comen out of Muwe”: Criseyde’s Speech and the Language of Falconry
Sara Petrosillo, Univ. of California–Davis
No Hoof, No Horse: Veterinary Medicine and Hoof Speech in Late Medieval England
Francine McGregor, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Arizona State Univ.
Fallen Language and Animal Communication in Marie de France’s Bisclavret Alison Langdon

May 14
5:30 p.m.

Bernhard 211
Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM)
Business Meeting and Reception with open bar

May 14

Session 148
Valley II
Garneau Lounge

Good Love for All: Opening the Libro de buen amor
Sponsor: Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM)
Organizer: Abraham Quintanar, Dickinson College
Presider: Abraham Quintanar

The Debate between the Romans and the Greeks as a Paradigm for Misinterpretation/Misreading in the Libro de buen amor
Paul E. Larson, Baylor Univ.
Figuring the Lamb and the Ram: Magic in the Pitas Payas Episode of the Libro de buen amor
Erik Ekman, Oklahoma State Univ.–Stillwater
¡Amix, Amix!”: Hybridity and Discord in the Libro de buen amor (sts. 1509–1519)
Joselyn Young, Indiana Univ.–Bloomington
Layering and Perspectives in the Libro de buen amor
Carlos Hawley, North Dakota State Univ.

May 15

Session 317
Schneider 1330

Justice and Law in Medieval Contexts and Beyond
Sponsor: Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM)
Organizer: Toy-Fung Tung, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
Presider: Toy-Fung Tung

“Thow schelt ben hanged and to-drawe”: The Discourse of Treason in the Auchinleck Sir Bevis of Hampton
Amy Reynolds, Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Statues, Statutes, and Justice in The Pilgrimage of the Soul
Rosemarie McGerr, Indiana Univ.–Bloomington
“Us Three to Trotte un to Newgate”: Legal Imagery and Marian Lyricism in Hoccleve’s Au Roy
Meredith Clermont-Ferrand, Eastern Connecticut State Univ.
Computational Error in Decameron 8.8 and 8.10: Revenge and the Mis-measure of Justice
Margaret Escher, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

May 17

Session 514
Valley II
LeFevre Lounge

The Formation of Identity in Middle English Arthurian Romance
Sponsor: Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM)
Organizer: Kristin Bovaird-Abbo, Univ. of Northern Colorado
Presider: Mickey Sweeney, Dominican Univ.

Epistemology, Ethics, and Dwarfs: The Thresholds of Chivalric Identity in Middle English Arthurian Romance
Megan Leitch, Cardiff Univ.
“Our will hath be too sore bought sold”: Destruction, Identity and Desire in the Stanzaic Morte Arthur
Elizabeth Maffetone, Indiana Univ.–Bloomington
From Soldier to Swine: Thomas Malory’s Gareth and the Fifteenth-Century Bestialization of Knighthood
Kristin Bovaird-Abbo
Merlin’s Baptism: The Purity and Hybridity of English Identity in Of Arthour and of Merlin
Christopher Maslanka, Marquette Univ.

MAM in Terre Haute, 2013.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Short-Term Research Fellowships at the University of Chicago Library

From the National Archeological Museum (Madrid, Spain)

The University of Chicago Library invites applications for short-term research fellowships for the summer of 2015. Any visiting researcher, writer, or artist residing more than 100 miles from Chicago, and whose project requires on-site consultation of University of Chicago Library collections, primarily archives, manuscripts, rare books, or other materials in the Special Collections Research Center, is eligible. Support for beginning scholars is a priority of the program. Applications in the fields of late nineteenth- or early twentieth-century physics or physical chemistry, or nineteenth-century classical opera, will receive special consideration.
Awards will be made based on the applicant's ability to complete the proposed on-site research successfully within the timeframe of the fellowship.  Applicants should explain why the project cannot be conducted without on-site access to the original materials and the extent to which University of Chicago Library collections are central to the research.  Up to $3,000 of support will be awarded to help cover estimated travel, living, and research expenses.  Applications from women, minorities, and persons with disabilities are encouraged.
The deadline for applications is February 16, 2015.  Notice of awards will be made by March 15, 2015, for use between June 1, 2015, and October 1, 2015.
Applicants must provide the following information:
  • A cover letter (not to exceed one page) including the project title; a brief summary; estimated dates of on-site research; and a budget for travel, living, and research expenses during the period of on-site research
  • A research proposal not to exceed three double-spaced pages. Applicants should include references to specific archival finding aids and catalog records of particular relevance to their proposed project whenever possible.
  • A curriculum vitae of no longer than two pages
  • Two letters of support from academic or other scholars. References may be sent with the application or separately.
Submit application in one electronic file to:
Letters of reference in electronic form are preferred; print letters of reference can be sent to:
Robert L. Platzman Memorial Fellowships
Special Collections Research Center
The University of Chicago Library
1100 E. 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637