Saturday, November 14, 2015

Crusading Masculinities

From the Medieval Religion listserve:

CFP: Crusading Masculinities.

An international workshop on Crusading Masculinities will be held at the University of Zurich from 30 March-1 April 2016. The workshop's aim is to bring together scholars from the fields of gender history and crusader studies, in order to highlight and examine the variety of masculinities which were represented in the context of the crusades. 

We invite offers of twenty-minute papers relating to the crusades on the following themes:
• Competing masculinities/men and social status
• Masculinities and public display/rituals
• Clerical and/or lay masculinities
• Gender and Late Medieval Crusading Ideals
• Masculinities and violence/non-violence
• Masculinities and the family
• Female masculinities
• Women as audience/women in relation to masculinities
• Representations of masculinities in art/material culture/music
• Individual exemplars of masculinities and leadership roles
• Military Orders and masculinities
• Crusading Memory and Masculinities
• Cross-cultural encounters: gendering the ‘enemy’
• Muslim and Byzantine perspectives
• Spanish and Eastern-European perspectives
• Crusading Medievalism and Masculinity
Papers can be in relation to any historical forum where crusading formed a relevant ideological component, and we also welcome papers from scholars who explore non-textual sources. We are happy to accept submissions over a broad chronological timescale, in relation to crusading activity or representation across Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East – from a range of disciplinary perspectives. We are particularly keen to encourage postgraduates to offer papers and hope to be able to provide postgraduate speakers with financial support towards travel costs, accommodation, and registration. There is space for up to thirty participants.
Please send abstracts of c. 300 words to by 15 November 2015. For further details, including a list of confirmed speakers see 

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